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Legal entity or natural person to whom North Grow has confirmed participation at the Expo.

Bella Center Copenhagen invoices services and supplies which have been ordered for stand build-up, stand furnishing, serving etc. prior to the event. Please note that payment must be made before the start of the event. Remember that, as an exhibitor, you are responsible for payment – regardless of whether the deliveries have been ordered by you or your supplier. Prices cover the duration of the event (max. five days and are
exclusive of 25% VAT).
We ask all our customers to provide a VAT/central business register (CVR) number. A company registration number can also be used if your company does not have a VAT/CVR no. This information must be submitted when placing an order. Orders may be revised after the invoice has been issued against a surcharge of DKK 250 per invoice.


Deliveries which have been ordered prior to the deadline via Bella Center Copenhagen will be ready for the first stand build-up day. Our suppliers are available throughout the entire duration of the event if you have any additional requirements. If you place an order after the deadline, it may be necessary to pay a surcharge (see StandInfo). Therefore, it is a good idea to place orders in good time as we cannot guarantee that orders received after deadline can be processed. Our deadline is usually four weeks before the event to ensure that we can provide all the services on time and at the agreed price. Also, if you want to cancel an order, remember to do so in good time. An order becomes binding 21 days before the event. If your deliveries need to be made to a particular place, this should be shown on a detailed drawing submitted with the order.
Furniture is always placed arbitrarily on the stand. Please read the following exhibitor terms and conditions in connection with
your contract with Bella Center Copenhagen. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
We look forward to working together!
Center Boulevard 5
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
T +45 3252 8811


Protect yourself against theft and accidents! We recommend that you take out the necessary insurance coverage for your own property, as this will not be covered by Bella Center Copenhagen’s insurance. Bella Center Copenhagen cannot be held liable for exhibitors’ property (private or company property), even in the case of simple theft. You can take out insurance through Bella Center Copenhagen’s partner Codan; for more information, see the exhibitor portal.


We hope that you will do everything you can to help us look after the floors, stand walls, signage and other stand material. It is therefore not permitted to screw, glue, paint or in any other way cause damage to Bella Center’s buildings or equipment. If you unexpectedly damage our interiors/building components, we will be obliged to invoice you accordingly. Only Bella Center Copenhagen’s staff is permitted to affix wires, mount/dismount Bella Center Copenhagen’s walls, fascia boards, spots etc. For safety reasons, at least two wires must be ordered for setting up banners, signs or similar. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to load the wires, so if you need to lift equipment, you should use chain blocks in rigging points. Bella Center Copenhagen must establish the rigging point, but you can use it to mount your own chain block.
Do you have questions about or need help with stand build-up? Please contact us so that we can find a solution. When working with stand build-up and signage, the working maximum height is 2.5 m (See StandInfo with event-specific guidelines). If you have other wishes, you are welcome to contact us to discuss the various options. However, please note that if a stand is built up higher than 2.5 m, it must always have
a neutral white surface facing any neighbouring stands. If you need to use sticking material on Bella Center Copenhagen’s stand walls, floors or fascia boards, you must use Duplo-Coll 43102, Tesa tape 4964 or TESA Power-Strips, as these can be removed easily without leaving marks/glue residue. All three tapes as well as wall hooks for lightweight items such as poster frames can be purchased on site. Please note that if you fail to remove sticking material residues from stand surfaces, floors etc. on departure, you will be invoiced for cleaning.
If you fail to remove stand materials and your own carpets from the stand, we will ensure that they are removed and environmentally sorted. You will be invoiced for this service.
Tradesmen who paint your stand must use the rinse basins provided for cleaning brushes etc. Also, remember to lay protective covering on the floor, so that carpets and floors are not damaged by paint etc. If you have a pillar on your stand, you may decorate the part which is inside the stand area. If you have a general room or a meeting or conference room, it is necessary to establish two exit doors at opposite ends.
Important! Read the Fire section – it contains further information in relation to the official requirements!


Covered stands As all the halls have a sprinkler system in the event of a fire, it is only permissible to cover your stand with fireproofed and
water permeable fabric. It is also possible to construct a ceiling with solid materials or as an evenly distributed panelled/louvred ceiling – however only covering max. 40% of the covered area. All stands which have been built with two storeys must be covered by a sprinkler system– this also applies to waterproof ceilings, closed rooms as well as vehicles, containers etc. which are not sales articles but are only used for decoration. Dispensation may be granted for actual sales items if they do not exceed 9 m².
The sprinkler system can be installed by Bella Center Copenhagen, and we are happy to provide a non-binding quotation for the work. Connection to main sprinkler pipes must always be undertaken by Bella Center Copenhagen. The rest of the sprinkler system may be installed by Bella Center Copenhagen or another authorised technician (according to SKAFOR’s regulations). Elevated stands, high podiums or structures
with heavy goods If you want to build a two-storey stand or use high podiums in your stand area, it must be authorised by the building authorities. The same applies to structures with heavy goods. You must apply via Bella Center Copenhagen (application with technical
drawings and any photographic material). The material must be submitted together and by the deadline, which is usually four weeks before the event (see StandInfo). Please note that two-storey stands must always have two stairway exits.
Specially built stands
Do you have any special wishes regarding how your stand should be built? Please contact us so we can meet your needs while adhering to the rules for stand build-up.


Everyone working at Bella Center Copenhagen must comply with the rules of the Danish Working Environment Authority at
(tel.: +45 70121288).


If you need to have packages and goods sent to Bella Center Copenhagen, you have the following options:
Packages and goods arriving before stand build-up: As our storage capacity is limited, you should be aware that our forwarder DSV receives and stores your package/goods and will deliver them directly to you on the stand once you arrive. You will be invoiced for this service.
Packages and goods arriving during stand build-up: Here, you must ensure that couriers are supplied with the correct name of the trade show, company name, telephone number and stand number, and you also need to ensure that you are on the stand to receive and sign for deliveries. If not, couriers are referred to DSV, which receives and stores your package/goods and delivers them directly to you on the stand.
You will be invoiced for this service.
Packages arriving during the event: Small packages and letters sent by Post Danmark are received at Bella Center Copenhagen (address: Center Boulevard 5, 2300 Copenhagen S.), and are delivered directly to the stand. Remember to include trade show name, company name, tele-
phone number and stand number on the package. Packages and goods sent by courier are delivered directly to the stand by
the courier company, and signed for on delivery. For information about additional transport services, logistics services, delivery address and prices, contact DSV at


Make sure that your stand build-up and exhibition materials remain within the stand area during the exhibition for the sake of cleaning, escape routes etc.
Avoid lights, sounds, smells etc. which can irritate your neighbours. This also applies to the distribution of products/food which require extra cleaning of the aisles.
If you have to play music/show films, then remember to inform your neighbours about which sound demos you will be carrying out as well as when and for how long.
Dogs, cats and other pets are not permitted on Bella Center Copenhagen’s premises unless otherwise stated.


The mains power supply in Bella Center Copenhagen’s halls is switched off at night. Therefore, if you require a 24-hour power supply, you will need to order it. 24-hour power will be connected from the first stand build-up day and up to and including the day after the end of the exhibition at 12:00. If you need a power connection for longer, this can be arranged.
Electrical installations
Check whether the electrical installations on your stand comply with the Danish Safety Technology Authority’s regulations for installations at trade shows and on stands. See more on the Danish Safety Technology Authority’s (Sikkerhedsstyrelsen) website (section 6, described in detail in chapter 711). This requirement must be complied with before we can supply power to your stand. Be careful not to obstruct the distribution boards, as Bella Center Copenhagen’s staff need to have access to them. Please ask if you are in doubt.


Bella Center Copenhagen’s food and beverage (F&B) department has exclusive rights to serve food and drinks in the exhibition area, and as an exhibitor you must therefore not sell food or drinks on your stand. If you want to serve food and beverage samples on your stand, please email Bella Center Copenhagen’s F&B department beforehand to make an agreement at “f&”
This policy is due to the fact that Bella Center Copenhagen’s F&B department is responsible for ensuring compliance with the environmental and hygiene laws and regulations of the Danish authorities. If you contact Bella Center Copenhagen’s F&B department in advance, we can approve your company in relation to the requirements specifications, so that the regulations for storing and serving food are complied with. Following approval, your business will also be covered by the F&B department’s license to serve beer, wine and spirits.
At food fairs, it is certainly possible to serve samples of your own products, as long as you comply with the requirements covering hygiene and waste disposal. If the food is produced in advance, you have to comply with the three-hour rule for unrefrigerated storage (once the food has been taken out of a refrigerator, it must be discarded after three hours). If food needs to be produced on the stand, it is necessary to have running cold/hot water and a sink, and refrigeration facilities are required for storing raw ingredients. If you want to prepare food on your stand using a stove with gas hobs, you must ensure there is a 6 kg CO2 fire extinguisher and fire blanket available.
If you are in doubt about the rules, please send an email to the above email address.


If you want to establish your own wireless network on the stand, it must be approved by Bella Center Copenhagen IT. IT connections supplied by Bella Center Copenhagen must not be shared with a third party.


During stand build-up and breakdown, it is possible to drive to the stand at the times stated in StandInfo. Remember your exhibitor pass or other ID for gate security.
After unloading, you must park in the designated parking bays or leave the area completely. If you need to park a trailer or truck inside the fence, this must be arranged in advance.
On the last stand build-up day, all unloading must take place outdoors as vehicles are not permitted in the halls at this late stage. During breakdown, goods vehicles and transport carts are only allowed to access the halls approx. one hour after the exhibition has closed.
If you have large and heavy items for your stand, this should be agreed with us before the exhibition. Then, if necessary, we can transport your items into the halls before stand build-up commences..
Try not to obstruct the aisles so as to ensure free passage for others.
You are responsible for unloading items and transporting them to the stand, but it is possible to order truck assistance from DSV in advance. DSV will also store empty cardboard boxes etc. during the event so they do not get in your way. Please note that empty packaging material
placed in the aisles will be removed by DSV on the last build-up day at closing time so the aisles can be cleaned. DSV will invoice you for this service.
Empty packaging material will not be removed from your stand unless this is agreed in advance.


If you wish to play music on your stand, remember to inform Koda and Gramex. Visit or for more information about the rules. Please be aware that this is your responsibility.
If you would like to show films/videos or parts thereof, this also requires the permission of the copyright holders. For more information, visit the Motion Picture Licensing Company at
If you require a mixing console on your stand, you must have a hand-held fire extinguisher (CO2 extinguisher) available.


The Danish Emergency Management Act (Beredskabsloven) paragraph 71:
The following shall be punishable by a fine:
Any individual who fails to exercise proper caution in the use of fire, light, matches, ash, inflammable substances, and any other substances or articles which may cause or contribute to fire, or who fails to ensure that persons belonging to the household or enterprise of the individual exercise such caution; and
Any individual who owns or makes use of electrical devices or other light, heating, power plant or machinery, which may cause or contribute to fire, or who makes use of such systems or devices or allows them to be used, regardless of them not being in good condition.
It is therefore extremely important that you check the following points and ensure you that your stand complies with the
Coffee-makers, electric kettles, photocopiers/printers, refrigerators and other electrical appliances in backrooms require that you mount a CO2 hand-held fire extinguisher which is visible and accessible.
Bioethanol stoves must be installed according to the supplier’s instructions and safety specifications. It is not permitted to carry out any type of fuel decanting within exhibition opening hours. Moreover, it is not permitted to store any reserve fuel on the stand, and the stove’s combustion chamber must be covered at closing time if the stove still contains fuel. Appropriate fire extinguishing equipment must be available on the stand.
Nothing containing inflammable or explosive liquids may be brought into the halls unless so agreed with us.
Candles create a nice mood, but also pose a fire risk. It is therefore imperative that candles cannot tip over and that they are placed in solid candlesticks on non-flammable surfaces. Candles must not be placed near textiles, and they must not drip. If they pose a safety hazard, Bella
Center Copenhagen may require that the candles are extinguished.
All fire technical installations such as emergency exits, firehoses, fire cabinets, call points and fire alarms must not be hidden, obstructed or covered.
Empty flammable packaging and stock must be continually removed from the hall.
Materials: – Avoid using paper, cardboard, plastics, artificial flowers/ decorations/plants etc. which are readily combustible, explosive, melt, drip or which, in a fire, emit toxic gases or large quantities of smoke.
According to the Regulation on operational requirements for hotels, etc. (Bekendtgørelsen om driftsmæssige forskrifter for hoteller m.v.,) 14.6/14.7, all decoration material must be safeguarded as class B. However, certain items can be impregnated, for example artificial flowers. In general, materials must not be more flammable than wood. – If you need wood floors on your stand, please note that it must not be laid like a grating with gaps or with underlying cavities.
Carpets must have one of the following approvals: – Class G flooring as in DS-1063.2 – in accordance with Danish Building Regulations ’95, chapter 6.11.1 section 5.
Class Dfl-s1 flooring is classified according to EN 13501 Fire classification of construction products and building elements – NT Fire 007 (Scandinavian approval)
Gas cylinders: If you need gas cylinders, bottled gas (F-gas) or other types of gas cylinders (e.g. oxygen, hydrogen or helium), we need to know at least four weeks before the start of the event. In the event of fire at Bella Center Copenhagen, we have to be able to supply Copenhagen Fire Brigade with a complete overview of where gas cylinders are located on the premises. If you have gas cylinders (F-gas) on the stand, you are also required to have a 6 kg powder fire extinguisher. Gas cylinders (F-gas equipment) must always be installed in compliance with the Regulation on technical requirements for gases (Bekendtgørelsen om tekniske forskrifter for gasser), while F-gas installations must always comply with the Danish Gas Regulation.
In addition, particularly hazardous gas cylinders must be removed from the halls after closing time and stored accordingto our instructions. During exhibition opening hours, those manning the stand must be able to remove these cylinders in the event of an evacuation. This plan is coordinated with our Risk Management unit when we receive information about the storage and use of gas cylinders.


If you would like to have a vehicle on your stand for decoration purposes, you must submit an application to Bella Center Copenhagen with a drawing and description before the deadline, which is usually four weeks before the event (see Stand-
Info). The following guidelines apply:
Petrol/diesel-powered vehicles:
The tank may contain max. 5 l of fuel
The fuel cap must be unlocked
The battery must be disconnected
The keys must be handed to Bella Center Copenhagen’s security staff at night. The security staff will be on duty in the halls or can be contacted on tel. +45 3247 2424.
Electric vehicles:
You must be able to produce documentation which can be used to approve the following:
Factory-manufactured electric vehicles must be fitted with a mechanical, cable-deactivated parking brake.
The gearbox must also be mechanically locked by a steel latch that engages with the gearbox.
The key must be removed from the ignition system.
The handbrake must be activated. Unfortunately, we cannot allow hydrogen vehicles on the stand. Natural gas vehicles can be accepted on the usual conditions which apply for petrol and diesel vehicles. However, all pressure must be removed from the gas tank.



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