Exhibitor Info

We at North Grow aim to show the Scandinavian audience and our politicians the diverse benefits of Cannabis and Hemp. Through a 3 day International event that offers exhibitors, acknowledged speakers, debates and concerts – right in the heart of Copenhagen!

By selecting Bella Center as our partners, we have secured the most professional event team in Denmark. With top quality facilities, Bella Center Copenhagen offers the perfect setting for the personal meeting between exhibitor and buyer/visitor, making it the best possible marketing forum for your business. Exhibiting at our trade fairs and exhibitions is quite simply the best opportunity to connect with your existing and potential customers.

As an exhibitor at Bella Center Copenhagen, you gain a unique opportunity to:
– enhance product exposure
– increase your sales
– provide customer care
– network with existing and future customers and suppliers
– meet your industry
– brand your business and your products
– legal domestic production of medical Cannabis from 2018.

We will advertise North Grow in the largest Scandinavian media outlets and TV broadcasters. Print media, audio media, social media will all be taken advantage of to ensure that the information reaches as many people in Scandinavia as possible.

Advertising through media begins on March 1st. 2018. Sponsors and interested companies are urged to register before this date, so that they can reap maximum exposure trough our early Press releases.